Toll Free No. 1091 (24/7)



Established in 1999 by the Bengaluru City Police, Vanitha Sahayavani provides Immediate Rescue & Support for women in distress.

 Accessible through toll free number 1091, Vanitha Sahayavani provides free tele-counseling, police assistance, crisis intervention, services in case of domestic violence, harassment and abuse.

Vanitha Sahayavani operates from the Office of The Commissioner of Police - 24/7.

VSV also conducts Awareness Programmes on women safety and other women related issues at colleges, public & private sectors and communities.


Telephonic Counselling  – Professional counsellors and Trained Volunteers will attend to you , offer a helping hand, listen to your problems, and guide you towards meaningful action to regain normalcy.

Police Support – VSV works from the Commissioner’s Office and you will have police protection if and when you are in distress.

Rescue – VSV has a dedicated vehicle which is available on call 24 hours a day. Following a call requesting a rescue operation a Van will reach the rescue spot with a team comprising a female counsellor, a female constable and other women police officers, who will undertake required action.

Medical Assistance - VSV has merged with Government and Private Hospitals that assist in providing medical aid for the victims.

Short Stay – VSV has tied up with other NGO’s who provide short -stay facilities for women and children in distress, who may not have a place to stay. This becomes crucial especially in case of rescue operation under taken at night.

Legal Service - Government appointed lawyer consults once a week at the premises of Vanitha Sahayavani to offer free legal advice and assistance.

Awareness Program – VSV conducts awareness program at colleges, community, & cooperates.

Training, Rehabilitation and Empowerment – VSV offers vocational training for women who might need help in rebuilding their lives.


Premarital Issues

Live-in Relationship

Marital Disharmony

Domestic Violence


Extramarital Relationships

Dowry Harassment

Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Issues

Others (Cheating)